Wednesday, December 03, 2008

"Unity in Diversity" : an endangered phrase

This very phrase has brought pride in every Indian child’s face as he/she read it in their social science text books in their primary class. How every parent and teacher proudly teaches the children about the Indianness despite varying cultures, languages.

But this phrase seems to be in danger as has been brought out blatantly after these Mumbai blasts. I did not know ATS Chief Hemant Karkare was a Gujarati, till Narendra Modi told us or the presence of Thackeray in Vijay Salaskar’s funeral and the fiasco of Karnataka/Kerala government over Manjor Sandeep Unnikrishnan. Did these guys who belong to police/army/navy/NSG did ever think ever think on these lines before they went to Maharashtra which belongs to Mumbaikars when they were called on duty ?

I am ashamed of myself when I watch this drama and with the world media around the image that is being reflected about our country. Initially, they tried to divide us as upper caste, OBC etc and gained the vote banks. Next religion wise we were divided. Now they are dividing us regionally. Are these politicians any less cunning than the East India Company that came centuries back and divided us on these very same lines.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rescued by a tag

Thanks , Srijith, for tagging me when I was wondering what to write for my blog. I am amazed at the skills you and Shankari possess , be it story or poem.
8 things/persons I am passionate about.
My blog : It has given me an identity and also earned me a respect from my dad..
My son : He is the reason for me to live.
My friendship : I cherish my two friend, one since my college days and another one : my colleague in Bombay who help me keep my head high and boost my morale.
Computer Games : Be it spider solitair, free tetrix or zuma Deluxe, I can go on and on….
Reading : Be it reading the newspaper, or reading the articles /news items in the paper covers/ novels.
TV serials : I am getting hooked on to three serials some are quite stupid , Kolangal (7:30 pm in sun TV) and I am getting to like this Sankara pandiyan character, Radha ki Betiyan (as such a stupid serial, but i got hooked to it), ek packet umeed (Interesting)
Environment : Sincerely trying to be passionate about using eco friendly stuffs.
Cricket : Want to be passionate about it as my son breathes cricket.

8 things I want to do before I die.
I want to lose weight and wear a tight pant.
Visit the Alps, N.Eastern India and Kerala
Get through one of those lucky draws/contests and earn crores!!!
I would love to stay at a serene house surrounded by garden on all three sides.
I want to gain one more educational degree.
I want to write a story
I want to live as if there is no tomorrow with no tensions/worries
I want to stand in front of God without feeling guilty and really thankful for whatever I have and not asking for anything.

8 things I say often
Akash (in various tones)
Oh God!! (poor Him!!! But being Him, he must understand)
WoW!! (Simple three letter word that encompasses all the adjectives)
I don’t know (simple escapism)
Just a minute
Haan, tell me (Got developed because most of my colleagues and my son have got used to calling me from their respective workstations)
Thank you (I say it to the bus driver, rickshaw puller and almost everyone)

8 Books I last read.
Kite Runner
One minute Manager
Six volumes of Ashok Banker’s Ramayana.

8 Songs I could listen to over and over again
Yesterday Once more : My all time favourite
I am on the top of the world
Neele neele ambar mein

Bhool Gaya Sab kuch, yaad nahin ab kuch
Jab koi baat bigad jaaye
Tuje dekh dekh

The songs I end up listening (this was not a part of the tag,but added it)
Dus Bahane
Maujha re Mauja
Do u want a partner
Pappu cant dance
Darde Disco
Jhomm Baabaar Jhomm
Dhoom machale dhoom

8 people I think should do this tag
Sapphira : I love her. She is a darling!! I would love to know more about her through this tag.
Inder : I know he doesn’t like getting tagged but it looks like he has got nothing much to write. Just to reinitiate him into blogging with this tag
Priya : Thanks for the lovely flowers and hug that u send me. Take a tag in return
Chitra : a tag for you whenever u return to blogging
Amitji : Would love him to take the tag. Would he?
6. open to all those who are interested…………..

Monday, July 21, 2008

April 8, 2007

That day was warm and humid with not much difference in the evening. Except for the fact that there was no Sun, the weather was humid with no breeze and not a leaf was stirring.

So, that evening when I came out of the shopping mall near my house, I expected the weather to be no different, but to our surprise, there was a strong gush of wind . It took everyone by surprise. It was extremely difficult for the rickshaw driver to pull us across. We were all quite stunned and it evoked a mixed response.

But within five minutes, the weather became normal, making us all wonder as to what could have been the cause. The Rickshaw puller was shocked.

It took me just another five minutes and a call from my sister to solve the puzzle. It was my father on his way UP, decided to meet the three of us and kiss us.

Love you, Dad.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mobile while on call or a Call on Mobile

If a call comes on the mobile phone, when he is glued to his favourite tv programme, when he automatically becomes mobile . I keep reminding him that the phone is mobile and he doesn’t have to be mobile to communicate.

But, on close study, I have observed that this seems to be practiced generally. Even in office, people suddenly get up from their workstation and start pacing across while talking on the cell.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Travel by Train

After a long span of time, I got an opportunity to travel by train. I recalled the long journey that we used to have as children, enjoy running between the compartments through the vestibules to the pantry car, library. And of course the friendly neighbours!!!

I am amazed at the bonding between the fellow passengers. While in a plane , I noticed that people cling on to their mobile till the plane takes off and then hook on to their laptops. While in train, they are at their leisure, enjoy the journey and the conversation ranges from their job, family to the international politics. At the end of the journey, the numbers are exchanged with the promise to be in touch and though happy to meet our family in the station, still feel a pang of sadness at the separation.

This time, I traveled in AC, but next time I have decided to take my son in Non-AC, so that he enjoys the window seat, looking at the greenery in our countryside, waiting for the platform, enjoy the knick-knacks available at the platform and of course the view of the engine of the train as and when it turns!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tsunami in our society

It is very depressing to hear that of a small child (Ayushi) being murdered and more disheartening to know that it is her own father, the person whom one trusts the most in life is the cause of her death.

But more shocking is the insensitivity of the media. It has raised a doubt in minds of most of the children. The other day, my friend’s son asked him if he loves him and would not kill him. That must have been the most sad day for a father!!
The very foundation of our society has been jolted. Tsunami has been generated in our society with the murder of Ayushi by her father

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


When one is alive we are taught that to attain salvation we need to be good and perform good deeds. This is the sure route for attaining Moksha.

So, when we feel certain that the person would attain nirvana from the cycle of rebirth as he has lead virtuous life, we have pundits telling us to perform various rites/ceremonies so that their soul attains peace.

I wonder as to how could one attain Moksha? What if that virtuous man has no one to perform the rights for him? Does he not get redeemed? What if a criminal’s son performs all rights and ceremonies year after year after his death? Would God take him to his abode satisfied because of his son’s performance?

Or is this all a gimmick by the pundits to earn money by playing with people’s sentiments….

Monday, April 07, 2008

Kite runner

I never understood as to why children despite the fact they possess numerous kites run behind kites that have been cut. When my son was 4 years, I used to run with him and catch the kite and could sense the excitement in his face. We would be thrilled if we could get hold of the kite. At that time, I thought it must be sheer fun to catch hold of flying objects from a kid’s perspective.

Now, when my son runs for the kite, I shout at him and tell him to give way for the less privileged boys who can not buy themselves a new kite.

As I was reading this novel, I realized the importance of kite runner.

Come this Independence Day, I might not stop him from running behind the kite and probably even encourage him much to his surprise….

Friday, April 04, 2008

Exam Pressure

These days, just before the exams and while waiting for the result, the news of children killing themselves is appearing almost daily.

During our time, there was more pressure and not many choices. Graduation was must. There was more pressure on our parents as only meritorious students got admitted. On top of it, there was no loan facility. And the income of our parents might be high but certainly not in the scale as of now. But still, it never occurred in our tiny little brain to end our life.

Now, with more options, the world becoming one global city giving us choices in terms of college/universities, loan facilities from banks and other private institution and private educational institutions for engineering and management, life should be less tensed. But on contrary, there is more pressure on children these days. And they are also not able to cope up with the stress? Who is to be blamed? Is it the fault of us parents who are not guiding the children properly and insisting on the results of the examinations?

It is the future of these children that I am forced to think when I read of stories of as small as 11 year old school student killing himself because he was not good in Sanskrit. Not all exams come prepared in our life. As such how do we define failure/success? Is success judged by marks secured in the school/university? Are these children prepared to cope with examinations that the life would pose to them?

Where is the future heading? Would the suicidal rates go higher as these children grow to adults and are and the reason much more flimsy?

Where is this actually leading? I feel all parents and teachers should realize this and deal with the situation so that we do not end up having adults who would not be in a position to run the country………….

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pet rat!

I have heard of different pets, but to have rat as a pet was beyond my imagination. I didn’t have to go far , for my neighbour got white rat as their pet.

All children come over to take a look at the rat in their cage, and I also had a look at it. It was as irritating as the other rats that are found. I am still amazed at how they manage and I was watching the kid’s excitement when he was narrating as to how he and his sister take turns to feed it.

I was just wondering, if they take the rat out of the cage, would it show its loyalty like other animals do or would it bite of their clothes and papers! If the door were left open, would it run out? By any chance at that moment, if my door were open, would it come to my house? How should I react: the same way as I would have had it been any rat or should I call my neighbours?
With all these fears, I rest………….

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Who waived the loan: Congress or BJP?

Just a week before the budget, BJP orgainised a rally wherein all the so called farmers came to Delhi protesting and requesting for their loan to be waived off. The fleet of buses that came to Delhi and the rally thereon caused a major traffic hurdle for regular office goers.

I happened to be one of the hapless victims watching bus after bus coming to Rajghat from where the rally or the protest march was to begun. Each bus was a deluxe air-conditioned bus and about 100 buses had come and many more were on the way. I had a look at the people, most of them were youth, sitting on the top of the bus and enjoying the plight of us office goers. I felt they were just paid for a day to participate in the rally so that it looks like a vast majority of farmers. Someone later told me that Event management companies are given the responsibility for smooth functioning of the Protest and for getting the crowd. And of course there were so many incidentals, the flags, pamphlets, and other miscellaneous expenses that must have been incurred for to hold such a mammoth protest.

I am not in a position to comment about the financial ability of the farmer. And neither I am here to talk about the merit or demerit of loan waiving. The amount of money spent that day was really huge, and I am sure it could have been used by BJP to give at least to a couple of farmers to enable them to repay the loan.

This rally was more of a political gimmick and was because the BJP got to know that Mr. Chidambaram would waive off the loan in his budgetary speech and did not want the credit to got Congress.

Monday, February 04, 2008

There are 10 points, and you are supposed to elaborate on each point. Here goes my interpretation.

It is important to be liked by others :
To some extent , yes. One lives in a society , and wants to be a part of the society. But one should not compromise on one’s ideals just to be liked by someone. We should , in general be liked for what we are.

Obedience is a virtue:
Obedience is scarce commodity! Todate, we can’t expect it from the next generation.

People are not malicious but they become so because of bad experiences or circumstances:
Agreed! Totally.

Education broadens our view and makes people more humane:
Education needn’t mean degrees or qualification. I have seen jealousy, and other negative emotions in qualified people and at times, people who are not qualified, behave more intelligibly.
One has to read beyond the text books to be truly educated.

People who have no money troubles are happier:
Even beggars are craving for money!! I would like to meet one who says he has no money trouble.

As people get older they get wiser:
Not necessarily!!!!

You can live on love and fresh air:
Well, then why are the estate price raising ? Why am I coming to work everyday leaving behind my son alone at home? Love and fresh air are added incentives!!

There is a celestial guardian angel looking after each one of us:
Well, I don’t know! When I see so much pain and suffering, I do wonder………..

All living beings reincarnate.
Energy gets transformed from one form to another. It does not get destroyed.

Heaven and Hell are places you go to after death.
As long as the experience is something, which we cannot experience, who cares if it is hell or heaven? I know one thing for sure; I want to donate my body for the study of medical sciences.