Monday, December 30, 2013

Back to Blogging

Beginning this week, decided to restart blogging and that too on a daily basis.  To be on safer side, should I say regularly or periodically?  I think I would keep it ‘Daily’ for I really wish to.

This year one of my main resolutions is to invest quality time in myself.   Included in it is blogging as this helped me create an identity and a space for myself.  Had I been sincere to myself or should I say grateful to my blog,  I should have continued blogging but took to Facebook.  Well, because of its format, ideas could be posted while on the move, or while watching TV . I made more friends , got connected to all my ex colleagues, friends from school , college. It was a virtual party.  But Facebook had its own disadvantages.  Though there was knowledge transfer , as friends would share the link that they read, it also had its “Games” which I got addicted to. And now Face book for me is competing with friends or to post photographs and to “like” others posts and comments.  

Hence this determined shift back to blogging.  But not giving up Facebook .  

See you tomorrow.