Monday, February 04, 2008

There are 10 points, and you are supposed to elaborate on each point. Here goes my interpretation.

It is important to be liked by others :
To some extent , yes. One lives in a society , and wants to be a part of the society. But one should not compromise on one’s ideals just to be liked by someone. We should , in general be liked for what we are.

Obedience is a virtue:
Obedience is scarce commodity! Todate, we can’t expect it from the next generation.

People are not malicious but they become so because of bad experiences or circumstances:
Agreed! Totally.

Education broadens our view and makes people more humane:
Education needn’t mean degrees or qualification. I have seen jealousy, and other negative emotions in qualified people and at times, people who are not qualified, behave more intelligibly.
One has to read beyond the text books to be truly educated.

People who have no money troubles are happier:
Even beggars are craving for money!! I would like to meet one who says he has no money trouble.

As people get older they get wiser:
Not necessarily!!!!

You can live on love and fresh air:
Well, then why are the estate price raising ? Why am I coming to work everyday leaving behind my son alone at home? Love and fresh air are added incentives!!

There is a celestial guardian angel looking after each one of us:
Well, I don’t know! When I see so much pain and suffering, I do wonder………..

All living beings reincarnate.
Energy gets transformed from one form to another. It does not get destroyed.

Heaven and Hell are places you go to after death.
As long as the experience is something, which we cannot experience, who cares if it is hell or heaven? I know one thing for sure; I want to donate my body for the study of medical sciences.


dharmabum said...

very profound pa!

Smita said...

Made me think...

Jackfruit said...

" Education needn’t mean degrees or qualification. " I like that. Many people who taught me my best virtues never went to a college.

Srijith Unni said...

// I know one thing for sure; I want to donate my body for the study of medical sciences. //

Such a noble thought..! My regards, Chitra..!

and you`re right about education too..! :)

Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless.!

With Best Regards,

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Hiiiii, ofcourse I remember you. Thhanks for visiting my blog. How r u?

Endevourme said...

hmmm...after loong time here :D u changed template,,,this luks better hehe

Inder said...

guardian angels? surprising that they haven't yet demanded for voting rights, quota, etc :P

Fighter Jet said...

nice contemplation....agrees on most.