Friday, April 04, 2008

Exam Pressure

These days, just before the exams and while waiting for the result, the news of children killing themselves is appearing almost daily.

During our time, there was more pressure and not many choices. Graduation was must. There was more pressure on our parents as only meritorious students got admitted. On top of it, there was no loan facility. And the income of our parents might be high but certainly not in the scale as of now. But still, it never occurred in our tiny little brain to end our life.

Now, with more options, the world becoming one global city giving us choices in terms of college/universities, loan facilities from banks and other private institution and private educational institutions for engineering and management, life should be less tensed. But on contrary, there is more pressure on children these days. And they are also not able to cope up with the stress? Who is to be blamed? Is it the fault of us parents who are not guiding the children properly and insisting on the results of the examinations?

It is the future of these children that I am forced to think when I read of stories of as small as 11 year old school student killing himself because he was not good in Sanskrit. Not all exams come prepared in our life. As such how do we define failure/success? Is success judged by marks secured in the school/university? Are these children prepared to cope with examinations that the life would pose to them?

Where is the future heading? Would the suicidal rates go higher as these children grow to adults and are and the reason much more flimsy?

Where is this actually leading? I feel all parents and teachers should realize this and deal with the situation so that we do not end up having adults who would not be in a position to run the country………….


Gangadhar said...

it's so sad...
But you know, me used to go to movies during examns time. Just to lessen the pressure. We were a group of friends then..

Shankari said...

Simple, serious, sobering words.

need to read this again and again