Monday, July 31, 2006

Self Centred : me ?

The other day, when I was alighting from the bus, I saw TV cameras in front of my apartment and few men busy making placards. I was excited thinking atlast they have decided to voice against the power cuts (more than 14 hours in a day) we are facing. I had prepared mentally to speak the right words in front of the camera. I approached one of my neighbours and asked him as to what was happening? He excitedly replied, that they were fighting for justice for Priyadarshini Mattoo. One lady in our apartment happens to be a journalist and very strongly fighting her case.

With the influence she had , she could motivate all the ladies, children and men out of their house to raise slogans with placards in their hands. Why then she does not fight for some minor improvements in our living conditions?

Even I don’t want the accused to go scot free , but I truly believe charity begins at home. With so many pressing agendas , this was certainly not something I would like to fight for, now.

Reading this post, most of you might feel I am self centred .


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Road Rage(a)

Driving in Delhi Roads is nightmarish , especially the bluelines, two wheelers. They don’t even leave the footpath for you and every driver is hurling a volley of abuses. I avoid traveling with my husband in his scooter as he also steers his way in between the buses and tries to beat the traffic. I always sit in the fear that while waiting in red light, some passenger from the adjacent bus is going to vomit out .

But, yesterday , when I was pillion riding, I was amused at the sea change. Driving still atrocious but the mood has changed. Thanks to the FM and mp3 player in their mobiles. Every driver has got earplugs on and glued to music. So, while everyone is of the opinion they are humming the song, they are actually singing loud. In a red light, I could hear to my husband singing some song while the man behind me in another bike was singing a different song. Hilarious, it was.

Atleast, the moods have changed, and the tunes. Instead of the monotonous horns, One get to hear the songs, though not everyone is Kishore Kumar , Rafi, or Himesh Reshamiya.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Glad to be back..........

Two days without able to browse blogs was indeed very difficult. Though I had mentioned that I am infected wih blogaria, ., I got to know the severity of it only in the last two days!

Thankfully, the sanity has prevailed! Hey all, now I should be able to read all your posts and ofcourse give my wise cracks!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

World Population Day

Yesterday was World Population Day and on February 25, 2006, it touched 6.5 billion!

In College, when I was more idealistic, I had proclaimed that I would rather adopt a child than to give birth and add on to the existing population. But, I got married and an opportunity to experience mother hood.

It is not that I am against adoption, but I wanted to experience the essence of motherhood! i wanted to feel a life within me and so, all my idealism and talk on ever growing population were thrown off the air. And yes, i enjoyed every minute of it!

So, at this stage, I can pledge that I shall try to make the world a better place to live in for the generations to come, by using the natural resources in a conservative manner.

Woh Din kitne Yaad Aate Hain!

When gulli-danda and kanche (marbles) were more popular than cricket ...
When we always had friends to play aais-paais (I Spy),
chhepan-chhepai and pitthoo anytime ...
When we desperately waited for 'yeh jo hai jindagi'
When chitrahaar, vikram-baitaal,
dada daadi ki kahaniyaan were so fulfilling ....
When there was just one tv in every five houses and
When bisleris were not sold in the trains and we were
worrying if papas will get back into the train
in time or not
when they were getting down at stations
to fill up the water bottle ...
When we were going to bed by 9.00pm sharp
except for the 'yeh jo hai jindagi' day ...
When Holis & Diwalis meant mostly
hand-made pakwaans and sweets
and moms seeking our help while preparing them
When Maths teachers were not worried of
our mummys and papas while slapping/beating us ...
When we were exchanging comics and stamps and
chacha-chaudaris and billus were our heroes ...
When we were in nanihaals every summer and loved
flying kites and plucking and eating
unripe mangoes and leechis ...
When one movie every Sunday evening on television
was more than asked for
and 'ek do teen chaar' and 'Rajni' inspired us ...
When 50 paisa meant at least 10 toffees ...
When left over pages of the last years notebooks
were used for rough work or even fair work ...
When 'chelpark' and 'natraaj' were encouraged
against 'reynolds and family' ...
When the first rain meant getting drenched and playing
in water and mud and making 'kaagaj ki kishtis' ...
When there were no phones to tell friends that
we will be at their homes at six in the evening ...
When our parents always had 15 paise blue
colored 'antardesis' and 5 paise machli wale stamps at home
When we remembered tens of jokes and were not finding
'ice-cream and papa' type jokes foolish enough
to stop us from laughing ...
When we were not seeing patakhes on Diwalis and
gulaals on Holis as air and noise polluting
or allergic agents ...

the list can be endless ...

on the serious note I would like to summarise with ...
When we were using our hearts more than our brains,
even for scientifically brainy activities
like 'thinking' and 'deciding' ...
When we were crying and laughing more often,
more openly and more sincerily ...
When we were enjoying our present more
than worrying about our future ...
When being emotional was not synonymous to being weak
When sharing worries and happiness didnt mean
getting vulnerable to the listener ...
When blacks and whites were the favourite
colors instead of greys ...
When journeys also were important and not
just the destinations ....
When life was a passenger's sleeper giving enough time
and opportunity to enjoy the sceneries from its open
and transparent glass windows instead of some
superfast's second ac with its curtained,
closed and dark windows ...

This was sent by my friend a couple of years back!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Silly question that passed through the Generations!

Like some diseases we aquire because of our genetics, there are also some traditions that we follow .

I could never fathom as to why my mother had to keep one leg over the other while filling water. The other day I saw my son was also doing the same!

One question that my mother used to ask just before making rotis is how many rotis would each of us have and used to irrtate all of us and we used to tease her. But, now I do the same , much to the chargin of my husband and my son!

Some habits die hard! I tag all you readers to share similar incidents!

Religious doubt

Shankari’s post created a lot of questions and I am still trying to get the answers.

Of course, the Mohini avtaar of Lord Vishnu and the birth of Ayyappa evoked a lot of curiosity.This site explains why this is exactly not an avatar and there is only one temple dedicated to Mohini at Ryali, a small township 30 kms near the city of Rajahmundry, in Andhra Pradesh.

This site tried to reason out as to why Sabrimala does not entertain female devotees.
One cant conclude that because of his celebate status, he doesnt like to be visited by women (in Sabarimala, it could be because he has made one female devotee (Ganga) wait and so the rest of us female mortals have to wait ), while one finds female devotees thronging all the Ayappa temples and participate with equal fervour in the Mandala poojas!

Friday, July 07, 2006


They play a very important role in our life. Both monetary reference and physical appearance. The figure, with reference to physical appearance amuses me more.

As a kid is born, we want to know how healthy is the kid. More the weight, more the healthy the baby is. As a child grows, being plump is associated with cuteness. And suddenly all these which were once appreciated becomes a negative point, especially if the concerned person belongs to the female sex. All relatives, parents try to get a quick remedy for slimming the girl, so that their daughter fits into the criteria for the grooms asking for slim beautiful girl. But the same girl, once the baby delivered puts on weight and becomes obese.

In times, of recent past, being fat meant they belong to “ khate peete ghar ke”. I remember my husband used to get offended if some one referred me as “so slim “. I never understood for some days, till I got an explanation from my husband that it meant his family is not taking care of me properly and feeding me! I thought my husband must be crazy to have such ideas, till I realized most of my friend’s husbands also fell in the same league.

Now, being slim is the style statement, the very housewife, who had put on weight, is trying to loose weight by going to the gym, or having a treadmill at home and other dieting courses And I, who was slim, at that time, am putting on weight, and look as if I belong to ghar who lives in "ghee" day in and night out!

Probably because I never could emulate fashion, when slim is the fashion, I am putting on weight and when being fat was considered good I was slim!

A typical Aquarian who makes her own style!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Face Value and Place Value

"Just as our face never changes, similarly the face value of the number remains same. wherever the number is " says my son. But the place value of the number changes depending upon their position. (Eg : For the number, 6780, the place value of 7 is 700, while the face value is 7 but for the no. 67800, the place value becomes 7000).

Isn’t that the real case in all our lives? Wherever, we go, we are known by our name, but depending on the place, our value varies!

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Secret Fives

My first tag! I was excited and wanted to respond immediately but I had to actually look though my freezer, purse, and closet before I could write. So, I asked for time. Of course, I didn’t just browse through the albums but also looked at all the photographs and reminisced my school, college days. Thanks, Krithika, I had a wonderful time.

Here it goes :-

Five items in my freezer:
Ice tray (used for first aid purposes only)

(Did find some empty chocolate wrappers, reminded me of our childhood , when we used to eat the sweets prepared by our mother and keep back the utensil as if it was untouched. Poor her, she used to be thinking that she would give our guests the sweets and she would find it empty…………... )

Five things in my car
Prefer public transport. No car

Five items in my closet
(Thank God, There were no skeletons!)
My dresses,
Photo Albums,
Certificates (both mine and my son’s)
Some old letters and greeting cards (letters received for my son since he was born)
Duplicate keys

Five items in my purse
Lipstick (because my friend wants me to use it, though I forget it happily when I come to office)
House keys
Emergency medicines

But please, let me tell you, my handbag is not clean as it sounds. Despite the wallet, my money would be scattered all over in my bag, bus tickets, pens which I never get when I need, my bank statements which comes out every time I use ATM, bits of papers (notes like the books I need to buy, things to do, etc etc.), and the best part of it is I forget. I shall know when I change my handbag, once in 6 months). It is mostly done by my son as he gets to keep all the change scattered in my bag.

Five people I tag :


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Slippery Sreesanth!

Not that I know of any incident where he has slipped while bowling! I was told he wears two different colours of shoes! He sports two different brands on each of them and the reason he gives is his leg sizes are different. But soon this is catching up with young boys as a style statement!

So, now I might have to go to shoe shop to buy two different pairs of two different colours so that my son can wear his one pair of shoes! Probably sooner the time might come when the manufacturers would catch up with it and have two different colours for a single pair to ease our job!