Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mobile while on call or a Call on Mobile

If a call comes on the mobile phone, when he is glued to his favourite tv programme, when he automatically becomes mobile . I keep reminding him that the phone is mobile and he doesn’t have to be mobile to communicate.

But, on close study, I have observed that this seems to be practiced generally. Even in office, people suddenly get up from their workstation and start pacing across while talking on the cell.


Srijith Unni said...

Hi Chitra, You've been tagged..!

nalini said...

Hi Chitra,
Sorry I couldnt read ur posts,but it was thru ur blog that i read some other blogs,incl that of akash.I left a comment for him too. now I just read ur mobile on call..post and I agree with u 100% on that.Here Hari just cant sit and talk on the mobile and starts pacing like a tiger.I guess that's one way he gets his exercise.Me, i love to be horizontal,if possible, while on cell.