Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Conversation with Akash, my son

Mostly, every night me and my son huddled under the quilt talk about the day's events and other general trivia. Yesterday's conversation went something like this :

Akash : I was a very good boy yesterday. No bad behaviour. But today, I made some mistakes. Devil acted but v.little of it.
Me: Devil has entered but not conquered your goodness.once you let them enter, they conquer.
Akash : Now if the good fights the devil , good will win. Since they are in majority , they will win. Even English people were like that. They came to trade, we made them enter thru Gateway of India, gave them permission, and they conquered us and ruled us.
Me : Ya, Throw the devil out and shut the door tightly so that it does not enter.
Akash : I will appoint a Security Guard and see o it that devil does not enter.
Me : Good idea. Who is it going to be?
Moment of silence
Akash : God
Me : Great. But you need to pay the Security Guard.
Akash : How do I?
Me : simple , by getting good marks and being good.
Akash : okey. Now I can sleep peacefully. Good night