Monday, October 23, 2006

Aiming High : My son

My son was just about two years old , when I realized his sense of perfection and interest in cooking. One evening , when I had cut the brinjals and put them in the frying pan and was coming out to sit in front of TV waiting for the brinjals to fry. This kid, could not speak then, pulled my kurta and dragged me back to kitchen and instructed me to stir the vegetable till it gets done. Well, it was his practice to taste the vegetable from the raw stage, to the semi cooked and fully cooked vegetable . I used to enjoy seeing his expression and was proud of the fact that, unlike other parents I never had to worry about his eating habits. As long as the food was cooked in front of him, he would eat anything. Even now, he is the taster in our house.

When he started going out to play, he wielded the willows and I saw a budding cricketer in him. And a friendly neighbour who was a journalist captured his photo and had it published in Hindustan Times. Yes, now he is 10 years and still cooking and cricket fascinate him. But yes his ambitions do vary.

In the last couple of years till the last world cup (cricket) , when Australia was emerging victorious, my son wanted to join the Australian cricket team and was figuring out ways to go to Australia. But now, he feels he can only save the Indian cricket team from losing , provided he has Yuvraj Singh playing the game along with him.

Last year, one day as I was getting ready for my office, he wakes up and tells me that he has finally decided what he ants to be when he grows up. I was overjoyed, and glad that at such an early age my son has got a direction till I heard him say :”Mama, I want to be a girl when I grow up”. Well, I was speechless and probably thought I have a junior Michael Jackson in front of me.

His recent aim is to fly planes and he had a tough choice between Indian Airforce and the private airlines. He has finally settled for Indian Airforce, when he got to know that they have big canteens which is just like anther super market where he could get things at a discounted price. Probably he wants a game CD at a cheaper price or a beyblade. But I am glad for this decision, because now he watches TV from a distance, lest he might have to wear spectacles and be disqualified from flying and tries to eat nutritious food as a part of body building.

I can just end with this words “ whatever will be will be, the future is not ours to see’ and wish him all the best.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rainbow : ME

I have taken this tag from Shankari . Eight Qualities about myself . I would like to think that I am as colourful as rainbow .

  1. I hate dressing up. In my house, my husband and son spend more time in front of the mirror than I do.
  2. Gold : I hate that metal. I find it gaudy. Would prefer silver, stones and artificial jewellery any time.
  3. Am lazy to walk and cant stand at one place even for five minutes.
  4. I trust everyone, despite my friends and well wishers who warn me against.
  5. I find it most difficult to choose the menu in a restaurant or a dress from a shop. Either I end up liking all or none.
  6. Just cant vanish my smile . It irritates many and unfortunately my son has inherited that trait from me . All his teachers complaint that he is the only boy smiling when he receives scolding. Hw do I explain the teacher that it was unintentional. :(
  7. Can never say ‘No’ to sweets and am a caffeine addit.
  8. There are many more colours to myself , but I shall restrict to seven just like rainbow.

Just realised that this can also be taken as few weird characters about me, I recollect that tag was on some time back in few blogs. But now I guess i am just a weirdo :)