Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Viral Attack!!!!

it is amazing how one tiny virus, or probably an army of virus conquer our huge body .Each and every body part feels the pain. We fight back with our army of antibiotics and other pills. At times we feel that pills are victorious while at times viruses emerge winners. After along fight for an week, finally virus accepts defeat but not before creating an havoc. The after effects are felt for a week.

I just wish one of the virus to walk across the war path and look at the tired body and turns to goodliness just like King Ashoka after the mighty win of Kalinga War!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Proud Parent

The incidents mentioned below are not to boast about my son, of course which I can proudly do , but just as an act of gratitude to Him for having blessed me with Akash as my son, who is my close confidante and a very dear friend, even at this tender age of 11. I recollected all these incidents while laying down in the bed day before yesterday when I was suffering from a severe leg ache. I thought posting it in my blog would etch it forever and will be a tool for me to recollect later when my memory might fail me or when I am expected to forgive his youthful misadventures!!

1. Akash was seven-eight years. I am epileptic and those years I used to get major attacks. But the only good part of it was I get a halo : kind of warning that I get before my attack. My husband was out of town, and my parents were living 12-15 kms from my house. My son took my hands, made me lie in the bed , gave me the medicine. He called up my mother. And with his tiny hands, he was massaging my feet to induce the warmth in my body.

2. I keep shouting at my son for being glued to the TV Screen and oblivious to his surroundings and my voice. One evening, when I was bringing the casserole to the dining table, I felt a jerk. Before I could give a call, my son was behind me taking the casserole form me and advising me to go to bed.

3. It has been more than two years , I haven’ t got any major attacks, duly because my son reminds me to take my daily tablets. But, two months back, I felt I might have an attack, and my son slept holding on to my hands tightly.

Just 10 days back, I was majorly upset with him and was sleeping in a different room. I told him not to fall on me and even shouted at him. But day before yesterday, I had a severe leg ache. My son kept a pillow under my leg. I was silently praying to God to chop my legs as that seemed to be the only solution to relieve my pain, while my son sleeping nearby interrupted and told God, that his legs also should be chopped off if he chops my legs as he has kept it on me.

Oh dear, though you are my little son, but at times, I feel so small in front of you. I remember your saying that you are blessed to be born in our family, but I am privileged to have you as my son.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Just a Thought

Just wondering if our anger/fury also contributes to global warming. It certailnly heats up the atmosphere at home!!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Balance Sheet

Almost all companies across the globe have the financial year restricted to 12 months, be it January to December or April to March. Before the year ends, the companies would be busy collecting the payments , and would not want to carry forward it to the next year. And if the payment continues to get carried forward for a couple of years, it would be referred as “bad debt”.

But, in God’s company, the year seems to have no definitions and varies from individual to individua and according to some religions, it transcends between few lives. For how can we explain that what ever we are to day is due to the karma of the last life.