Wednesday, April 09, 2008


When one is alive we are taught that to attain salvation we need to be good and perform good deeds. This is the sure route for attaining Moksha.

So, when we feel certain that the person would attain nirvana from the cycle of rebirth as he has lead virtuous life, we have pundits telling us to perform various rites/ceremonies so that their soul attains peace.

I wonder as to how could one attain Moksha? What if that virtuous man has no one to perform the rights for him? Does he not get redeemed? What if a criminal’s son performs all rights and ceremonies year after year after his death? Would God take him to his abode satisfied because of his son’s performance?

Or is this all a gimmick by the pundits to earn money by playing with people’s sentiments….


rajeev said...

I believe no one else can do anything for you - your life, your soul, your moksha - nothing that the child/pundit does, makes a difference for you.
On other lines, Moksha is being one with God - by rising to His level. Its not granted, its reached. just my 2 cents.

dharmabum said...

its like attaining anything else. when i want it, want it more than anything else, when nothing, absolutely nothing else matters, and when i want it, RIGHT NOW...then may be, just may be, i'll get it....for most, its just a fleeting desire :)

rajk said...

Wow! That was a thought! Never thought about it before this. I'm no learned person, but I think, whatever Moksha means, it should mean that every person lead as sin-free life as is possible.
I never believed in the pundit hokum anyway.

Faceless Maverick said...

Moksha is attained through own deeds and not through rituals. If one can lead a happy life then salvation is attained while living. Nice thought!

Inder said...

moksha??? is that a world like ours? is that the place where some go after death and never return back? is that the world where the people are immortal??

Vinesh said...

I don't believe one can know the answer to this by wondering in the spare time one has from moribund worldly life.

I personally don't believe anyone who says they know the answer.

Endevourme said...

isnt wht we do during lifetime more important than wht happens after we die?

priya said...

If you know yourself better than others you reach it. To reach that.. its not easy being a human coz fire and water are closeby.

AM I A HINDU? said...

Chitra, excellent points.

Salvation or SELF-REALIZATION or MOKSHA is well defined in Hindu scriptures.


False knowledge that we are the perishable body.


Attaining the knowledge we are the immortal soul within and giving up the false knowledge that we are the body.

HOW WE WILL ACHIEVE THAT? By one of the four methods.

A. JANANA YOGA , [path of knowledge]—Hindus have 6 philosophies called Darshanas.

B—KARMA YOGA; , [path of unattached, unmotivated actions and thoughts]

C—BHAKTI YOGA; , [ path of total surrender of one’s will to God]

D—RAJA YOGA. , [path of breathing and Pranayama–eradication of thoughts]

You don’t have to be a Hindu to attain salvation. Any one even an atheist can attain salvation.