Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hot Seat

Never got to experience the heat of the hot seat in KBC, but come summer, I am experiencing the hot seat in rickshaws and buses everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Humans Being…

We human beings call ourselves domesticated wild animals. But are we, in real senses, tame. One look at the corporate jungle and we can find that everyone is trying to outsmart their peers, no matter what and how, just to be ahead in the race and earn some quick brownie points from their bosses. “Survival of the fittest” still seems to be the mantra. Yet, we pretend to be the best buddies in the eyes of society.
If by chance, for a day, rule of the jungle governs us, and we have no society to fear, we would be worse than the man-eaters.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ram versus Ravan

My son was taught that Ram and Ravan reside in our minds. And that there is a constant tussle between them.

Every time, after any of his misbehavior, for which he is scorned, he apologizes saying at that juncture, Ravan had won over but now Ram has emerged victorious.

How long does this war go? By the time, we are adults, isn’t that one should have emerged victorious. Is it possible, that at this age also, there are times that Ravan out powers for a few minutes and brings out the devil in us? Is it normal behavior? Can this go as an excuse for my outbursts?

I invite you all for a debate on this.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Marital vs Martial

Initially, as a young girl, I somehow got the spelling wrong for marital and used to spell it the other way. Used to wonder as to how two different facets can have the same spelling. Interchanging of one letter could make a great difference.

But after 12 years of married life, I feel marital life is a never ending tournament of martial matches . (Pun intended)

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I started blogging as a meeting ground for my cousins. So. my earlier page was only dedicated to them. But, it looks they are too busy to respond or probably non-committal. So, here I am , creating another one to write what I feel.

I was also told blogging can work as a de stressing medium without any side effects unlike coffee or tea which I am addicted to.

I started with lot of ideas but when I started writing, my ideas went hazy. Hence,I decided to take the help of mamasaysom to chose my first write up. And the topic “careworn” rightly depicts my frame of mind today.

I wonder why? It is the beginning of the new session for my son. So, no exam blues too! It can’t be due to my workplace because I got an increment within 6 months of my joining. So, no financial blues or too. If the beginning of summer (Max temp: 32 C) can do this to me, I dread May and June. So, I conclude these are just the weather blues and the power cuts that go along with it which make me haggard at the beginning of the day.