Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Dusshera to you all

More than a month passed by, since I updated my blog. It is not that I have run out of ideas , but if I recollect vaguely, some interesting thoughts (who else but I have the last word in that) did spring into my mind which I wanted to share with you. Unfortunately , all those thoughts came to me in the middle of night, when I was too lazy to get up and scribble it . But yes, I used to go back to sleep thinking that the same shall be posted the very next morning. But the next morning saw me busy studying with my son for his exams and hectic schedule in the work.

Unfortunately, today when I have the time, (As most of you can see that I have surfed through your blog today ), none of those thoughts resurfaced to my mind.

Let me end the post by wishing myself with better luck for those ideas to occur at a more convenient time .

Wish you all a happy Dusshera . May the good win over the evil and the world turns out to be peaceful (or should I say green!) .