Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Welcome 2014!!

I am unable to keep up my resolution to blog daily. I do log in to my blog, and write but the writing is not comprehensive.  But today have decided to post whatever I am writing , for only continuous writing would lead to an improvement.  

One more year went by.  Had a fair share of good tidings and more than fair share of bad luck.  But the end result was good.  So would not like to talk about  the bad time that I had but would share the little joys that kept me going. .  

Beginning of the year saw me successfully ensuring my company's participation in a major exhibition. My son passed his Xth and joined college.  Though the onus for his passing would go to my sister who worked harder for it,  I take pride in his accomplishment.    Did a lot of cooking , celebrated all festivals by preparing sweets, read a few books, finished an on-line course... The year could have been more good but yes, the time gone is gone and never to return. No point regretting but shall try to cover up for the time wasted. Last but not the least I did make some new friends whom I feel would be friends for my rest of life.  

I am optimistic about 2014 and welcome it with open hands.  

Thank you...