Monday, June 05, 2006

Right (or wrong) to Equality

Is respect given only if we call others by their relation to us or ‘sir’ in an organization? I can still disrespect them or malign them even if I refer them as didi or bhaiya? Are we not promoting hypocrisy? Would I tend not to respect someone if I call him/her by his or her first name?

Though I agree wisdom grows with age, but not necessarily true for everyone. So, there are chances that we can refuse to agree with our elders. Do we have to listen to them even if we don’t agree to them? Is arguing with them, a sign of disrespect?


Anonymous said...

In India, our culture is built on humility and respect that comes from bowing to some-one who may be older by merely a year. The fact remains that you call some persons mom and dad not because its a designation but because no matter what, when you were born they had been on the planet for over 20 years and you would never be able to equate that experience. Otherwise you may as well call them by first name as well!!

Attaching sir or ma'am to a person's name is a representation of how i feel about them and not necessarily how you must address them at all. I feel a person doesn't dedicate ten years of his/her life to achieving a certain degree of professional status to be addressed by a mere starter on a first name basis. That system stresses equality and that immediately makes me 'feel' equal to the senior i'm addressing.

In any organization, if one was to start addressing all one's seniors by first name, you'd never really be able to comprehend their experience and expertise because all your points and ideas will be directed at a peer and not a senior. If the senior was put in a leadership position, one would never really feel obliged to follow their directions.

Even in my personal life, i firmly believe in respecting my elders, including my brothers and sisters older by only a few months. And guess what, in return they have always guided me right and blessed me for the better.


endevourme said...

i think calling seniors by their first name is not good.
its different from our culture.
maybe this tradition has come from "english".
yongsters and elders, everyone is 'he'/'she' !

Shikha said...

I dont think arguing is a sign of disrespect..everyone has differet views on life and who else will speak for us but we ourselves?most of the people who prefer to listen dont get to live life their way..and after all its just one life..

Anonymous said...

In office I don't like calling people by Sir or Maam. If I want to give due respect I always add Mr Mrs or Dr (whatever). But I prefer calling people by their name.

But in relations, yes I can't call people by name. Even if we have differences. I had differences on certain issues with my mother, my father, but I can never call them by name!

Inder said...

Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, ... - They again are names. They are names by birth. But, names nevertheless. None other than my brother and I have the privilege to call my parents as mom and dad.

I call people whom I consider to be inside my personal circle as Bro, Sis, Uncle, Aunty, ... They are names by privilege.

I called my teachers at schools and colleges as Sir and Ma'am. They are names by position. I called them so because everybody else in my position called them so. I thought that I have to call them so.

I call the rest by their name, sometimes with the prefix Mr/Ms/Mrs.

They are all names. I personally think that name has got nothing to do with respect. Respect is a feeling... an emotion. And, that cannot be expressed by a name. I can sense the respect others have towards me, no matter how he/she calls me. Similarly, others can sense the respect I have towards them, no matter what I call them.

Pritika Gupta said...

I dnt know but in office or even collage i never addressed any one with sir/mam.. i dnt think in professional places we have concept of calling sir/mam..n respect tht comes from within.. i mean its in our culture only to respect the people.. taking name i dnt think is sign of disrespect but the tone can definetly show ur feeling..