Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Why is it that we have to talk good of the dead , even if they have not been kind to us or have got lots of misdeeds to their credit? Are we afraid, that they are watching us from the Space above !

When we can look at the good qualities of a person after his death, why not do the same when he is alive ?


Shankari said...

Maybe because some peolpe actually get better after their death?
Their remains are actually enriching- for the soil!


Saroj said...

May be because after their death we know that now they will not trouble us again!!

Viky said...

Well, that's the way it is.

Even after all he did, people still think Veerappan was good, because now the sandalwood is being cut by politician-bred goondas who care a hoot for the government. It was not so earlier.

They say Veerappan was India's Robin Hood, and now the poor of the forests have no messiahs. STF still rapes their women, and they have nowhere to go.

Pramod Mahajan had so many enemies within his own party. Yet, everyone sang praises about him.

Dead men are good men, as they say.

Has to be me said...

I think it is more out of pity on the dead. Also maybe an interior fear / hope that all shd say good things abt us as well when gone for good! *that's just my feeling, okie!*

REgd ur 2nd one, I wish we all start incorporating the same cos that is something we tend not to do as humans. I wonder y to. Like they say, u appreciate the value of the eye only when u r blinded!

Good thinking & hope it opens many minds. Thanks for sharing.

starry nights said...

You are right, everyone always has nice things tosay after someone has died, but lack the courage to be nice to that person when they are alive.nice post.