Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Word verification

I write about this as I am not able to comprehend as to why it is done………………

The first time, I saw it , it reminded me of optical store . Now almost all us bloggers have it.

For me, it checks on our vision, and whether we are able to recognize the alphabets in the keyboard and type it and just another tedious boring step to post a comment….

Probably the absence of it might make me realise.

It is bothering me a bit too much as I seem to be posting comments on my site much too often. And so, here it goes………….


Has to be me said...

In my opinion word verification is not really reqd! It's a pain! The worse is some blogs have both comment moderation & word verification. I think atleast either of the two is ok but both together dont make sense!

chitra said...

To have both, they must be real paranoid.

Well, it says iwithout w.v. i might receive spam comments and sometimes even sleazy mails. Lets wait andd see, what happens!

Syam said...

//To have both, they must be real paranoid//

I don't agree with therse words, coz I had both in my blog without knowing the pain of others...I realized it when I came across both in some other blog and removed WV from mine... :-)

Anonymous said...


priya said...


I bet you go for both verification and comment moderation.

Last week a crazy old man sent a crazy message to my blog.

Beware and careful cos you never know who is good and bad.

chitra said...


I got bk to word verification. As you notice in my laytest post on blog, i recvd a comment from Dondu, who tells me that anyone who posts a comment on his blog gets numerous comments, some vvery crass.

Yes, I have become a bit worried and told him not to post my comments on his post.

Thanks for warning me and i shall get to comment moderation too!

priya said...

No problem chitra!! People who write senseless are mean and rude when they try to hurt others. When that old man tried to hurt me, I didn't bother, coz he is a stranger to me.
I thank for taking my word...