Thursday, June 22, 2006

As one grows……..

Most of the people refuse to grow up while growing old. They insist that the children in the neighborhood call them by their names and not aunts/uncles much to the children's discomfort.They tend to act in the most immature way while interacting with the friends of their children. After all, our children need privacy too..
I agree , there are more options in the sense of dresses, outings etc. I once read somewhere Helen, the famous vamp of the then cinema lamenting that the choice of dresseses were then not there for her, and so, she loves to have her daughter in law Malaika Arora Khan wear them. All of us would agree that Helen would have looked gorgeous in all those outfits compared to any of the present day actressess. But , now she still gets applauded whe she come on to the stage because she wears a dress that suits her figure and image.

Why do we refuse to grow with dignity and earn respect?


Inder said...

Very true... As a kid, we want to grow up fast. This changes womewhere in the twenties. Then we don't want to grow older. We desire to freeze time. We have to get used to passing time because we cannot stop it...

Malaika wears great outfits and Salman forgets to wear outfits... :P

Krithika said...

First time to your blog. Very well written. Image conscious people come to my mind. They refuse to come to terms with their ageing.

Syam said...

nice are rite

//Salman forgets to wear outfits...//

LOL...he does it on really annoys :-)

Karthik B.S. said...

Thanks for visiting by Chitra!

You're correct freedom is absolutely essential. Otherwise it will have an adverse effect on the Children.
And if I am not wrong, Helen, the actress, you are talking about is no more. I think she passed away few months ago.

I will try to read your other posts too when time forbids! :-)

chitra said...

Helen is very much alive. FYI, i am linking to one of the articles which has her photograph!