Monday, July 31, 2006

Self Centred : me ?

The other day, when I was alighting from the bus, I saw TV cameras in front of my apartment and few men busy making placards. I was excited thinking atlast they have decided to voice against the power cuts (more than 14 hours in a day) we are facing. I had prepared mentally to speak the right words in front of the camera. I approached one of my neighbours and asked him as to what was happening? He excitedly replied, that they were fighting for justice for Priyadarshini Mattoo. One lady in our apartment happens to be a journalist and very strongly fighting her case.

With the influence she had , she could motivate all the ladies, children and men out of their house to raise slogans with placards in their hands. Why then she does not fight for some minor improvements in our living conditions?

Even I don’t want the accused to go scot free , but I truly believe charity begins at home. With so many pressing agendas , this was certainly not something I would like to fight for, now.

Reading this post, most of you might feel I am self centred .



starry nights said...

I dont think you are self centered. You have a point. You have to fight for justice but alongside that she could have rallied for better living conditions. Not easy when there is a power outage 14hrs a day. its really bad. Maybe you can talk to her about doing something about this also.

Krithika said...

Fighting for improvement in living conditions will not get you TV coverage :-) You are not being self-centred you are being a concerned citizen.

priya said...

Rather being self-centered you were ther to pinpoint your rights. Every citizen who pays tax, are ought to question.

Regarding your msg on critc post in my blog:
Rombavey bayamuruthireenga pa.
Its just not for my blog, I said critic as I thought we have the right to ask if we feel wrong.

Shankari said...

But I never find you self centred! :)

Has to be me said...

Oops! 14 hrs a day is bloody long! I've been thinking of returning to India & things like this r scary indeed.
In my opinion, both (ie power cut & the mattoo case) are both vitally important. Cos power cut u as an individual has to bear the brunt & as regards mattoo case the society @ large.

geetha said...

I don't think you are self centered.. we need to think of our necessity first as we face it daily.

Since the case helps those within the society, we try our best in many means.. right? Prayerfully, Socially, Physically, Professionally, etc..

Inder said...

power cut for 14 hours a day?? that is terrible..

we need continuous power-supply and other basic necessities. we also don't want antisocial beings roaming around freely in the place we live in.

Known Stranger said...

what z wrong in being self centered chitra. one has to be if not he is not a human of universe.

by the way when i was in gurgon during second week of july - i really felt bad for the power cuts. tn is far better in terms of power. by the way i never realised you are in up. jus tnow checked your profile