Monday, July 03, 2006

The Secret Fives

My first tag! I was excited and wanted to respond immediately but I had to actually look though my freezer, purse, and closet before I could write. So, I asked for time. Of course, I didn’t just browse through the albums but also looked at all the photographs and reminisced my school, college days. Thanks, Krithika, I had a wonderful time.

Here it goes :-

Five items in my freezer:
Ice tray (used for first aid purposes only)

(Did find some empty chocolate wrappers, reminded me of our childhood , when we used to eat the sweets prepared by our mother and keep back the utensil as if it was untouched. Poor her, she used to be thinking that she would give our guests the sweets and she would find it empty…………... )

Five things in my car
Prefer public transport. No car

Five items in my closet
(Thank God, There were no skeletons!)
My dresses,
Photo Albums,
Certificates (both mine and my son’s)
Some old letters and greeting cards (letters received for my son since he was born)
Duplicate keys

Five items in my purse
Lipstick (because my friend wants me to use it, though I forget it happily when I come to office)
House keys
Emergency medicines

But please, let me tell you, my handbag is not clean as it sounds. Despite the wallet, my money would be scattered all over in my bag, bus tickets, pens which I never get when I need, my bank statements which comes out every time I use ATM, bits of papers (notes like the books I need to buy, things to do, etc etc.), and the best part of it is I forget. I shall know when I change my handbag, once in 6 months). It is mostly done by my son as he gets to keep all the change scattered in my bag.

Five people I tag :



endevourme said...

money, bus tickets, atm statements, bits of papers...
looks like somewhere u found my wallet ;-)

Anonymous said...

My hand bag also remains in mess, once in few months my husband used to clean it. (but he never got anything interesting ;)

Krithika said...

thats precisely why I started buying handbags that are small and compact because after a point my shoulder used to hurt as my bag used to weigh a ton.

Has to be me said...

Thats a sweeet list! :)

Shankari said...

uff, tumhari yeh purani aadat- of tagging me along! :))

chitra said...


What are friends for? Please tag along as always!

priya said...

Thanks for tagging chitra. Appreciate it.

Five items in my purse:
You shud also include medicines you are allergic and your doctors address in case of emergency.

Such cute little things brings a lot of happniess...

priya said...


I have no clue how to tag buddy!!! Got to give a try somehow.