Friday, May 12, 2006

Hai Ram! Mujhko Blogaria Hua!

I was introduced to blog by my dear friend Shankari when she took on to blogging. I was amazed at the writing skill of hers and the comments that her site generated. I thought of starting one, but I was forewarned that it would consume too much of my time. Hence, I told my other friend Sundar who already had his personal blog to start a team blog. Yes, he did start SACC as was told and I was still wary of posting articles except for some comments. Of course, now I contribute on a regular basis but the other members are still not comfortable. In the meanwhile, I started a blog for my cousins which didn’t take off. It was then that I was told by my sisters to start my own.

I was not very confident,though I had ideas, to start on as I am not prolific writer and my vocab is not too good. Somehow, I started it one day.I got encouraging responses from Shankari and my sisters which led me onto continue writing on my blog. When Lakshmi of Random Thoughts posted a comment(the first comment from an outsider!), I was overjoyed. Her site took me to the other sites of Chitra and Shruthi, whose writings I enjoy reading. But yesterday only, I realized the infection that has been caused by the blog bug that bit me. It was chitra’s question on her site that had me hooked the whole day yesterday and it was like we were chatting the whole day. And the doctor has promised to give me the remedy only on Monday. Till then, I guess, I am infected...


Aarathi said...

i think the infection that has caught you is a good one..though infections have a history of being bad always...!!
enjoy blogging..this infection for a change will make u feel good..;)

chitra said...

Remedy given. Check out :D !!

Shruthi said...

It is a horrible addiction, Chitra! Beware! :D
Thanks for the kind words ;)

chitra said...

Chitra : Ofcourse, Iwent to your site first thing inthe morning.
But, somehow, still infected and i realise it is contagious too!!!!!!

Shruthi : I need to inoculate! if u know of any remedy, please let me know!

Aarathi : it is because, u r also as new to it,u find it good!

endevourme said...

i am addicted too..
its compulsive..
i am trying to overcome it..

Pritika Gupta said...

Hey same pinch..
ialso have a same story ;-)