Friday, July 07, 2006


They play a very important role in our life. Both monetary reference and physical appearance. The figure, with reference to physical appearance amuses me more.

As a kid is born, we want to know how healthy is the kid. More the weight, more the healthy the baby is. As a child grows, being plump is associated with cuteness. And suddenly all these which were once appreciated becomes a negative point, especially if the concerned person belongs to the female sex. All relatives, parents try to get a quick remedy for slimming the girl, so that their daughter fits into the criteria for the grooms asking for slim beautiful girl. But the same girl, once the baby delivered puts on weight and becomes obese.

In times, of recent past, being fat meant they belong to “ khate peete ghar ke”. I remember my husband used to get offended if some one referred me as “so slim “. I never understood for some days, till I got an explanation from my husband that it meant his family is not taking care of me properly and feeding me! I thought my husband must be crazy to have such ideas, till I realized most of my friend’s husbands also fell in the same league.

Now, being slim is the style statement, the very housewife, who had put on weight, is trying to loose weight by going to the gym, or having a treadmill at home and other dieting courses And I, who was slim, at that time, am putting on weight, and look as if I belong to ghar who lives in "ghee" day in and night out!

Probably because I never could emulate fashion, when slim is the fashion, I am putting on weight and when being fat was considered good I was slim!

A typical Aquarian who makes her own style!


Krithika said...

I once remember my friend telling me that the reason she stayed 'slim' is because her husband like it that way. She explained further 'atleast aankhen idhar udhar nahin bhatkengi'. What do you say to that ???

priya said...


For me beauty is from inside not the appearence. Appearence matters based on your clothes and workplace. But as long as you are flexible and strong, then why worry.
Your husband need not bother about others comment, coz he knows you and if thaz the way you are its nobodys fault.

Have u heard the song..."don't worry.. be happy...

How did u tag?? I need a lesson

chitra said...


Just write a post on five things that are asked from you. Tag to five other friends of yours. Hyperlink with their site , if you wish to.

Geeta has replied to my tag. Krithika tagged me. You can look at these two. infact, Geeta's latest post is also a tag on the beautiful picture etc. That might give you an idea. it is just like the chain letter, which we used to have in our good old days!

BTW, the remark and my husband's reaction was in the context of the need to put on weight those days.

Well, now no one would ask now a days as they would assume that I am into jogging or other diet restrictions to keep myself slim!

Time Time ki baat hai !

Krithika, yes, i have seen women trying to keep up to their husband's expectation! but bhatakne wale ki aankh tabh bhi bhatak jaati hai!

Shankari said...

oh yeah.. i hate it when people come & tell me why r u sooo thin.. and then when u put on weight, you got to reduce...i feel like putting tongue out at them and say, hey it is my life!

geetha said...

Ooo, I had the same comment too.. when I just got married. I was slim (they termed it thin) and said I should eat more. Now, after two deliveries, I am not slim (not fat too), everybody is happy :)

Wow! At parents, thin is good, at in-laws, its no good ;P

endevourme said...

i am giving a boys' opinion,
too slim is yuk!
those gals look like a skeleton...
i remember a girl in our college was on diet,
she fainted once in our lab...
of course too fat either is no good...
shud be healthy :-)

Pritika Gupta said...

mmm.. im slim..but i njoy my structure.. i am slim becoz i want to..but people take it as weekness.. they wil always say apni sahet ka dhyan rakho..bahut kamjor ho gayi ho.. man im non vegie.,.. i eat non veg so frequently..still im like this...becoz i dnt wanna gain weight..:(