Monday, July 10, 2006

Silly question that passed through the Generations!

Like some diseases we aquire because of our genetics, there are also some traditions that we follow .

I could never fathom as to why my mother had to keep one leg over the other while filling water. The other day I saw my son was also doing the same!

One question that my mother used to ask just before making rotis is how many rotis would each of us have and used to irrtate all of us and we used to tease her. But, now I do the same , much to the chargin of my husband and my son!

Some habits die hard! I tag all you readers to share similar incidents!


priya said...

I thought I was the only one. Here you go girl. I always ask my husband how much rotis do you eat? I know its bad. But once we make soft balls and roll them, then its hard to preserve.
I always ask:
Coffee- how much sugar
Dress: which one to wear huh!! too bad
May be we shud see "what not to wear" program.

starry nights said...

I also as my husband every day,what to wear, does it look good and just like my mother i ask my son if he wants more rice or roti.

geetha said...

I do that too. I ask how many bread toast he wants, will he want more than one cup of drink, and even how do I look?

But one thing that I am telling my son and will always do (which my mother always said the same thing to us) is "Sayang, I love you.." in which my son will reply, "Amma, I love you too!"

Fun, isn't it?

I may not have had the idea myself if not for my mother ;)

Pritika Gupta said...

hmm.. my mom never used to like to go out to shop with out my father.. i knew tht he was not interested in tht still he has to accompany her..few months back..i also started insisting my hubby to accompany me..but now i realised m trying to take some task independently.. but still my first wish is always tht if he can come.:)

Krithika said...

i too ask my husband "how many dosas/paranthas?" I used to get very annoyed when my mom asked me the same question.

Known Stranger said...