Monday, July 10, 2006

Religious doubt

Shankari’s post created a lot of questions and I am still trying to get the answers.

Of course, the Mohini avtaar of Lord Vishnu and the birth of Ayyappa evoked a lot of curiosity.This site explains why this is exactly not an avatar and there is only one temple dedicated to Mohini at Ryali, a small township 30 kms near the city of Rajahmundry, in Andhra Pradesh.

This site tried to reason out as to why Sabrimala does not entertain female devotees.
One cant conclude that because of his celebate status, he doesnt like to be visited by women (in Sabarimala, it could be because he has made one female devotee (Ganga) wait and so the rest of us female mortals have to wait ), while one finds female devotees thronging all the Ayappa temples and participate with equal fervour in the Mandala poojas!


Vinod R Iyer said...

Posted the same Question to Sankari:If we start doubting the customs how far would we go ?So many questions... Why is it that all the poojaris are male ? Why is it that only male conducts rituals for our ancestors? The end point would be to argue if GOD exist or not! This is one debate without a conclusion since there is no source to find the truth.

chitra said...


Welcome to my site!

I truly believe that all rituals had a scientific answer. since many were uneducated, proper reasons were not given. Just as we tell our little child, dont go out all alone , bhoot kha jayega!. Well, the child grows up to understand that bhoot is an any anonymous person who can probably sway him and !

I believe that since scientific thinking originated here, the source of all these traditions can be found. I am sure, they have been distorted by now.

Known Stranger said...

good subject that inspires me to debate. i am hindu born in orthodox family of thanjavur but yet i love to question the basic fundamental of avataranam of vishu HIMSELF.

I wish to questionthe basic belief but ofcourse i do accept if the belief can lead in a good humble life why to challange the faith.

right ?

fine - i argue RAMA is not got. just a peson who got the celebrity as god like another - saibaba of today. i am sure in anotehr 100 years - saibaba willb e even termed as avatar . who knows.

because we humans always love to give teh celebrity of un common man a god status and have mythis evolved around him.

Ayappa - lattr may be named lord may also be one person who stood outside the limits of normal man.

How ever due respects to LORD AIYAPPA

I remain in the pool of water and will comment water is dirty.

I am no exceptional but just loves to challenge the faith

but let me accept you link made me interest because i love theology of indian mythology