Sunday, November 18, 2007

Messenger services

Well, as it is the habit of writing letters is dying down. Hardly anyone writes an inland letter or drops a post card. The other day, a second class child checked at every residence in our apartment for an inland letter and post card and none of us had it. Her mother then was trying to locate the Post office!!

Now with all the yahoo mail, msn messenger and gtalk, the habit of writing an e-mail is also fading.

When my friend asked me to send a mail everyday as she would not be available on chat, I agreed and knowing that there is a lot to share among us on a daily basis , I thought it should not be difficult. But I just could not go beyond a couple of sentences. Probably, I am expecting an acknowledgement or a query from her end which would help me go forward with my thoughts!!

I realized today that laziness to write a mail keeps me from sharing my views with other friends who are not on chat. Surprising ? All you readers must be wondering if there are people who are still not on chat. Yes, I do have friends who are not on my chat and I do receive mails from them on a regular basis. Today, I shall send a mail to them as well as my friend.

Thank you, friend once again for initiating me into writing………..


Shankari said...


All this for a small 4 line mail?!

I shall insist on regular mails from you from now on.

dharmabum said...

can't stop laughing at the comment :)

i used to write a lot....faded off gradually as nobody seemed to be interested in writing letters. i love it, but i also expect replies :D so now, i'm confining to writing in the interet and my own journals.

Pritika Gupta said...

I still recive snail mail from my dad :) it feel so nice to recieve them.. yeah its normally difficult to write a long mail until one have very specific topic..but then we write blog too.. so atleast we can try mails also