Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Viral Attack!!!!

it is amazing how one tiny virus, or probably an army of virus conquer our huge body .Each and every body part feels the pain. We fight back with our army of antibiotics and other pills. At times we feel that pills are victorious while at times viruses emerge winners. After along fight for an week, finally virus accepts defeat but not before creating an havoc. The after effects are felt for a week.

I just wish one of the virus to walk across the war path and look at the tired body and turns to goodliness just like King Ashoka after the mighty win of Kalinga War!


priya said...

Take care Chitu:)) Just be strong and hang on ok.

Shankari said...

Good fighter- am proud of you ;)
(& take care)


Pritika Gupta said...

so u had a viral.. take care dear.. small viral can really break ur body but not spirit :)

starry nights said...

I do hope you are feeling better.Hang in there and you will be fine son.