Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Balance Sheet

Almost all companies across the globe have the financial year restricted to 12 months, be it January to December or April to March. Before the year ends, the companies would be busy collecting the payments , and would not want to carry forward it to the next year. And if the payment continues to get carried forward for a couple of years, it would be referred as “bad debt”.

But, in God’s company, the year seems to have no definitions and varies from individual to individua and according to some religions, it transcends between few lives. For how can we explain that what ever we are to day is due to the karma of the last life.


Shankari said...

Aiyyyyyyo, why does your blogger profile show you as Pisces?


starry nights said...

somethings are really difficult to understand , I really don't know.

dharmabum said...

there is no last life and next. there is one life.