Friday, March 09, 2007

Ten things that I love starting with 'T"

T : twentieth letter, the letter that is a word in itself, and I am tagged to write ten things I like that start with it. the first thing that came to my mind is

Time : I love it, as this is one thing that is mine. What ever I do with it, solely I am responsible for it.

Tea : I am a tea addict. Needless to say more about that drink. Never say no for this delectable drink, even in scorching summers.

Train : I cant forget the numerous train journeys from Delhi to Madras on all summer holidays. The excitement leading to tiredness and by the time, one reaches Egmore, the desire to jump from the train and run to Madras Central. The steam engines which mades us dirty and darker by the time we reach Madras.

Tram : When talking of trains, this was one mode of transport I used to travel when I was in Calcutta.

Tamil : My mother tongue. Knowing that language opened doors to Silappadigaram, lyrics of Kannadasan, Andal’s Thirupavai, fictions of Sujata and Akhilan.

Telephone : Thanks to Graham Bell, It keeps me connected to all.

Talking : Ask my friends and family. I would not write abt it.

Tiffin : My mother coming out with varied recipes everyday at 3:00 p.m. , which was our tiffin time. Miss them.

Trailers : I enjoy seeing them, so that I get to know the jist of the film. This just reminded me of a incident, I just will share it with you all. Me and my sisters used to walk to school. Then, on Sundays, trailer of movie used to come in Vivid Bharati . My sister was a movie craze and would sit glued near to the transistor and listen to all these programmes. Just taking a cue from one of the trailers, she narrated the story of Ram Balram. Well, till we went to the theatre to see the movie, we didn’t know it was all figment of her imaginations.
Tag : If not for this tag, I would not have got a theme to write.I hope I kept upto your expctations. Thank you, Lalitha.

I also wanted to write Tantrums but I enjoyed while I was throwing the tantrums, not when I am at the receiving end, which I am more often now with a eleven year son at home.


priya said...

A beautiful tag of T and goes well.

Shankari said...




KK said...

Terrific!! and Tres Bien Tagging!!!

starry nights said...

A very well written and interesting tag.I miss tiffin time too:(

dharmabum said...

funny chitra, but i was tagged too - and i got the same letter, and i am just writing about it. strange, na?

Pritika Gupta said...

I like Toffees... too ;)

Anonymous said...

too good

Anonymous said...

sorry chitra, not replying was not intentional - have, now :)


Nariyal Chutney said...

tantrums is something that we love to give but hate to get but didnt u use those yellow taxies in Kolkata too :).

Known Stranger said...

tantrum of a 11 year old son is enjoyable isnt it ?