Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

As I changed in front of the mirror after getting back from work last evening, it struck me : When was the last time I had looked at myself ?
Over the years, I have distanced myself from my image that today when I stood in front of mirror, it was difficult to recognise. This made me ponder. When did I last look at myself? It might sound strange, but I rarely stand in front of the mirror except for a flash of seconds to apply bindi or for combing my hair. And so, I did not miss a mirror in my last house where I stayed for one year.

Yesterday, this starting line given by my friend to reinitiate me to blogging made me look in the mirror. I could not identify myself with my mirror image. I was trying to interpret my age. I recalled the other day, a lady in her thirties calling me ‘aunty’. Do I look that old? It is very easy to pin other’s age at the look of their face, but I could not do to my own face.

Probably not looking at the mirror regularly, has given me a bulging tummy, wrinkled face and weight. Though it has its disadvantages, I feel that not looking at my image has had its own advantages. I did not get to look at the wrinkles or my worn out face. I still am young as I feel.


Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Never too late to resume blogging, and never too late to start looking into the mirror and admiring yourself!

Muthu said...

Love what you wrote.....keep at it. Will put this on my bloglist and follow you. Big hug

Krithika said...

As I grow older I seem to be spending more time in front of the mirror I guess finding ways to hide my forehead lines and grey hair :) Good to see you blogging again