Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Motherhood and its joys

Tags always wake me from the slumber. This time I have been tagged by Shankari to write five tings I love being a mother and in turn tag other bloggers , both in the same country and those in a different country

As a college girl, I use to wonder why all moms only talk about their children , but now my young friends also would be thinking of the sameabout me. I cant help it, he is an indispensable part of my life and I love him. In my case, parenting is shared by my mother and two sisters who are more of a friend to him. So, I am indebted to be a part of the family who never thought Akash as my son but also as their child.

From my son’s viewpoint , just because I am a motherI can do what I wish , I can mend the rules and take advantage of the fact that I am elder to him !!! Agreeing to all that, being a mother is not a very comfortable status. Child rearing is a tough job and with every growing year it gets further tough. But yes, It is enjoyable.

Being a mother, I realised, I have to practise what I preach. For the child to whom you are preaching is scrutinising us constantly. So, I can say motherhood has made me a better person.

As mentioned in my earlier post, I am a proud mother to a child who loves me unconditionally.

Last but not the least, I get to blog about my son……….

I would like to tag

Shruthi (Bangalore)
Usha (Bangalore)
Lalitha (California)
Geetha (Malaysia)

Please take up the tag, and link back to this post here and to the place where it all started - Her Bad Mother.

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shankari said...

Sweet post Chitra

You are a fantastic mother - protecting your child from all the bitterness and unhappiness which life brings.

Thanks for being aunt to my kids :)