Thursday, February 19, 2009

As one grows......

I read the poetry posted by Shruti on her birthday ,I realized it is true once we cross past a certain age. Mirrors dont reflect any change in terms of height and this phase of life doesnt add on the wrinkles too.

Birthdays come, adding another year of experience in our life or an year deducted from our lifespan, whichever way we take it. Whatever be the age we are, it gives a sense of happiness and pleasure in receiving the wishes and gifts.

But this birthday, I could sense another year added on to my age, for I could see a kid who grown up to a lovable boy in a span of one year.

It was really a Happy Birthday for me.


Shruthi said...

Happy Birthday to you! :)

shankari said...


This is the first birthday in years when I wished you and soon we found ourselves talking of other things - I most definitely missed some of your usual enthusiasm but then I guess this year has been a LOT, no?

I sensed your joy but with it was a lot of maturity - which was a first - for a birthday.

Smile on dear and may you be showered with happiness.