Thursday, June 21, 2007

The right marriageable age

Now that I had mentioned in my earlier post that a person is as old as to the no. of succeding generations he sees. Now that comes to marriage age.

Earlier, people used to marry young . Afterwords, it was an age which was neither young/old. As soon as the boy gets a good job, he got into the marital bliss. Now a days the trend is for a late marriage. People want to grow in their career, buy a house, enjoy their youth before taking on the responsibilities of marriage.

Now, who is to advise for the right marriage age. Yes, if one marries young, one gets to see the children settled by the time they retire . But old age, they become alone. But if one marries old, you still have your child by the time you are old and retired. Yes, it depends on how much we are able to save when we were unmarried. Yet no money would be enough, considering the increasing inflation rates and demands. But, yes, we would have the comforts of the child.

P.S. Here the concept was more on loneliness the people feel when they grow old. If we marry young, by the time we are old, they are settled and busy in their own lives. but if married when one is old, they have the comforts of the child's presence.

from the child's prespective, it is better to have their parents young and working when they have to decide and settle in a career as they can have the luxury of choice, while finacial constraints might force them to accept a career if the parents are retired.


dharmabum said...

i'm of the idea that men need some amount fo growing up to do (boys, as they call them!). more so with the kinda lifestyles today - men remain indecisive and unstable till a certain age, usually around 30, me thinks. girls, they settle down much quicker. i'm may be entirely wrong though...

Smita said...

I think its all about finding the right partner. It can happen at 19 or at 45.

pria said...

It all depends on how we perceie and take it. If the society is conscious, then its a problem. Here u can see parents adopting kids when they try for akid till 40. It is still a young age. Basic conforts are always given to a child, the rest has to come from him/her when they grow up taking a job based on their education and hardwork.
Parents need not be a spoonfed always.

Pritika Gupta said...

wow!! u brought both the points quite well..u were thought full for both parents n child point of view.. but when we are young we are full of enthutiasim.. at tht time taking responsibilty of marriage then specially kids look difficult.. u feel having children is end of their free life.. so they are little reluctant..