Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rainbow : ME

I have taken this tag from Shankari . Eight Qualities about myself . I would like to think that I am as colourful as rainbow .

  1. I hate dressing up. In my house, my husband and son spend more time in front of the mirror than I do.
  2. Gold : I hate that metal. I find it gaudy. Would prefer silver, stones and artificial jewellery any time.
  3. Am lazy to walk and cant stand at one place even for five minutes.
  4. I trust everyone, despite my friends and well wishers who warn me against.
  5. I find it most difficult to choose the menu in a restaurant or a dress from a shop. Either I end up liking all or none.
  6. Just cant vanish my smile . It irritates many and unfortunately my son has inherited that trait from me . All his teachers complaint that he is the only boy smiling when he receives scolding. Hw do I explain the teacher that it was unintentional. :(
  7. Can never say ‘No’ to sweets and am a caffeine addit.
  8. There are many more colours to myself , but I shall restrict to seven just like rainbow.

Just realised that this can also be taken as few weird characters about me, I recollect that tag was on some time back in few blogs. But now I guess i am just a weirdo :)


Saroj said...

Nice to know more about you.

"I trust everyone, despite my friends and well wishers who warn me against"

I am also like that but experiences taught me that I should be more mature in judging people.

Inder said...

// Can never say ‘No’ to sweets and am a caffeine addit

i can never say 'no' to cola and omelette.

Krithika said...

Getting to know you more thru' these tags. I too hate gold. I am a big artificial jewellery collector. I dont seem to be wearing most of them.

Sujit said...

being a lady and saying no to gold!.. thats strange thing :).. good to know few things about you :)..

Shankari said...

Interesting characteristics. I have a friend called Chitra who has almost simliar traits and tha puts a smile on my face
Happy Diwali Chitra to you and your family!

Pritika Gupta said...

Happy diwali to u n ur family..
Well my wedding was on 2nd oct.. i just loaded one snap there.. u can check ..:)

even my smile irritates a lot.;) i love laughing it help me in reliving my tensions..

Has to be me said...

Nice 2 note ur rainbow colors!
And happy diwali 2 u & ur family!

Foodie's Hope said...

Good read!! Nice to know!! Don't like gold?! :)) Man, I just bought one! Happy Diwali!:))

Krithika said...

Happy Diwali to you and your family, Chitra !

dharmabum said...

DO NOT explain anything to the boy's teacher. unfortunately? i think u're lucky ur son has inherited it from u.
a smile lights up people's hearts and not many ppl can smile all the time. so keep smiling :)

KK said...

Nice tagging Chitra. Keep smiling :)

priya said...


I go with you in no1 coz I don't like to spend too much to dressup.

Gold: I am not much into buying too many metal items unless for home decoration here and ther.

3. Thaz not being lazy but just restless.

4.Thaz a good one. But too must trust hmmm I donno.

5.I choosy if selecting a dress and I am more of a window shopper first and then go for it. Regarding menu, I just give a try if they are new.

6. Not many ppl' have such a beauty gift and you have it. Treasure it.

7.I can never say no to icecreams and candies.

Those were not weird at all but all cute little funny things we all do in our lives.

Note:Hate is a word used to describe only when you are against it.

P.Monteiro said...


I stumbled on your blog through someother site, but felt nice reading it. Most fo teh 7 points applies to me too.

Nice writing. thanks