Thursday, August 24, 2006

Time to think ?

I am thinking about : what next
I said : Keep smiling for one never knows what happens tomorrow.
I want to : really practice what I say
I wish : the list is endless.
I regret : that at times, I am not able to control my temper and say nasty things which hurts others
I hear : My son crooning like Himesh Reshamiyya
I am : different from what I wish I was.
I dance : to my husband’s tunes!!!
I sing : horribly
I cry : when I am stressed; when I am hurt ; on watching the emotional scenes in movies ; almost all occasions but khushi ke aasoo nahin aaye !!!
I am not : diplomatic, or hypocrite
I am with my hands: hugging my son, and cooking
I write: my blogs and emails
I confuse : am confused
I need : depends on my mood (it can range from a private chopper to a chocolate)
I tag : Krithika, Inder


Inder said...

oh my god... my first tag :)

priya said...

Chitu: That was an awesome post.
I like wat you said about " you want to practice what you say".

I can give you a choclate hug when you need thou'.

Good one.

Krithika said...

Very cute post !
Thanks for tagging me Chitra.

visithra said...

nice one

Twisted DNA said...

"I dance : to my husband’s tunes!!!"
LOL! I need to take lessons from your husband ;)

nalini said...

Dear Chitra,
I was just going thru ur earlier blogs.Must say this one says all that I wd have said about myself.
Its nice the way u have put it though