Thursday, April 20, 2006


I started blogging as a meeting ground for my cousins. So. my earlier page was only dedicated to them. But, it looks they are too busy to respond or probably non-committal. So, here I am , creating another one to write what I feel.

I was also told blogging can work as a de stressing medium without any side effects unlike coffee or tea which I am addicted to.

I started with lot of ideas but when I started writing, my ideas went hazy. Hence,I decided to take the help of mamasaysom to chose my first write up. And the topic “careworn” rightly depicts my frame of mind today.

I wonder why? It is the beginning of the new session for my son. So, no exam blues too! It can’t be due to my workplace because I got an increment within 6 months of my joining. So, no financial blues or too. If the beginning of summer (Max temp: 32 C) can do this to me, I dread May and June. So, I conclude these are just the weather blues and the power cuts that go along with it which make me haggard at the beginning of the day.


Mohan said...

when dis you have good weather & Uniteruppted poer at N.D/Saibabad?

LAK said...

Hi, I left a comment on your other blog --hope I didn't intrude.I agree it is theweather that makes you feel that way.Keep writing--you'll feel better!

chitra said...

Lakshmi, Is that you?

You can never be an intrusion. Thanks for the encouragement.

chitra said...

i defer on this. Delhi is at its best in the spring season. Probably, u never had the oppty to visit delhi during that time .

chitra said...


I am so sorry! I confused you to some one else. I am still a novice at blogging. I should have just clicked ur name to know who u are, right? Thanks for passing by.

Living in Gurgaon, you must have equally felt the weather change, right?

Once again, my apologies.

LAK said...

Hey, no prob! with so many lakshmis around, there are bound to be mistaken identities. I did a similar thing, but in reverse--a regular visitor to my blog signed in with a new name, and I said welcome and all that. If i had clicked on her name, i'd have got her usual blog!

LAK said...

Strangely for april the weather is still pleasant. As for power cuts---power backup zindabad!